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The following are actual reviews from patients treated by Dr. Kersten

Condition: Neck, upper arm, and low back

Since seeing Dr. Kersten my back, neck and other extremities are so much better! I have the use of my right arm which is almost back to normal. My neck and back are feeling great with the exercises I was given by Dr. Kersten.

Judy A.~

Condition: Wrists & Neck

Last winter, I experienced pain in both my hands. I couldn't grasp a pen to write, hold a cup of coffee or turn a door knob. I was at the point that I would have to quit my job if I couldn't get relief. I was even contemplating surgery until a co-worker recommended Kersten Chiropractic. So desperate for any kind of relief that didn't involve surgery, I made the appointment. After completing a medical report, an x-ray was done of my spine, which showed a few abnormalities. I wondered what did that have to do with my hands? My back didn't hurt my hands did!

Dr. Kersten patiently explained how the nerves extending from the spine influences every area of the body, including the hands. Dr. Kersten did an adjustment to my neck and spine. He said within a couple of weeks you should be feeling better,but you need to come back for 3 treatments a week untiI improvement begins .I was still skeptical. After 2 weeks, I was feeling remarkably better! I can now hold a pen, a cup of coffee, and turn a door knob!! I am a believer! I say, "Don't contemplate surgery until you have tried these treatments."

Diane B.~

Chiropractic has helped my depression and has helped me to have a better outlook on things.

Courtney B.~

Overall improvement in health, both physical, mental and emotional

Jens R.~

I have learned how much the rest of my body is affected when my back is not in check.

Sarah C.~

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